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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

The Vision of Amazing Grace Discipleship Ministries holds fast to scripture through prayer and discipleship to bring freedom for women once held captive.

Our founding scripture is based off of Isaiah 61:1-4

Who We Serve

Amazing Grace Discipleship Ministries serves women ages 18+ coming from desperate and often unthinkable situations.  We serve women through many areas including a background of sex-trafficking, addiction, abuse, abandonment or life-dominating sin.

What We Do

Residential Home

Amazing Grace Discipleship Ministries live-in program is named 'Amazing Grace Living.'  Each residential home will be assigned a specific name as the Lord leads and opens homes.  Our first home is called 'Amazing Grace Cottage' and is tucked away in the heart of Wichita, KS.  

The 12 month residential program is designed to disciple women Biblically and teach life skills that will help give each woman a firm foundation in Christ.


Getting back on your feet is beneficial, but its not complete.  A foundation based upon Jesus Christ is vital for forgiveness, healing, understanding of identity and value, as well as  restoration of the heart, mind, and soul that only Jesus offers. 


Based in ongoing relationship with the women in the program, we provide intensive discipleship 'deeper life' bible studies, biblical counseling, weekly church services, finance and budgeting, and much more.


Discipleship is at the core of all we do and we hold true and believe Jesus Christ is accomplishing all it says in Isaiah 61:1-3.

Filling the Gap

We have established a partnership with the Carpenter Place, a Christian girls home in Wichita, Kansas. With many girls aging out of the system at age 18, there is not a lot of help for young women as they get on their feet.  Amazing Grace  fills this need in the lives of women.

Mission and Purpose

Amazing Grace Discipleship Ministries brings hope to the hopeless, release from darkness women bound in sin and/or in desperate situations, and to bring peace to those living in unthinkable circumstances. Amazing Grace will disciple women to live in the Truth of God’s Word teaching them about repentance, forgiveness, obedience, love and grace along with equipping them with necessary life skills through the residential program designed for young women ages 18 and older. With the purpose of releasing, women once held captive, back into society with hope and the freedom of Jesus Christ. Our ultimate emphasis is on the glorification and the sovereign, provident, supremacy of God.

What we Believe
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