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Mission & Vision

Our Vision

The Vision of Amazing Grace Discipleship Ministries holds fast to scripture through prayer and discipleship to bring freedom for women once held captive.

Our founding scripture is based off of Isaiah 61:1-4

Who We Serve

Amazing Grace Discipleship Ministries serves women ages 18+ and their children coming from desperate and often unthinkable situations.  These situations include sex-trafficking, addiction, domestic violence, or unthinkable circumstances.  

What We Do

Residential Program

Amazing Grace Discipleship Ministries program offers a safe place for women & children to find hope and healing in Christ.  

Our curriculum is faith based and focuses on the foundation of Jesus Christ.  We have curriculum that focuses on areas including




Domestic Violence

Sex Trafficking

or Unthinkable Circumstances.




If you would like to find out more about our curriculum or would like to have your small group or ministry utilize our program, please contact Rebecca at

316-619-3932 or email at

Outreach Program

As Amazing Grace has grown, our outreach program has expanded throughout the United States.  We offer many areas of assistance to women and children including but not limited to:

Housing, Utilities, Vehicles, Food, Clothing Assistance,  Drivers License  and GED Classes, Educational Resources.


We currently offer Educational Classes on Sex trafficking awareness prevention, Self-Defense Classes, Faith-Based Fitness, Domestic Violence Awareness to women, groups, businesses or organizations.  

If you have a group, organization,  business or women's group who is interested in us coming to speak please contact us at 316-619-3932.  

If you have a woman in need, please have her email or fill out our outreach form. 

Graduate Program

We offer any woman who has graduated our program or a similar program to utilize our graduate program.  This program continues the relationship of building a solid foundation and utilizing our 4 key areas called the stay in's as well with additional classes & curriculum to specifically meet them where they are currently. 

Stay In's

1.  Stay in Prayer

2.  Stay in the Word

3.  Stay in Community

4.  Stay in Accountability

We know if they do these 4 things, the likelihood of turning back to their former ways is greatly reduced.  

Mission and Purpose

Amazing Grace Discipleship Ministries brings hope to the hopeless, release from darkness women bound in sin and/or in desperate situations, and to bring peace to those living in unthinkable circumstances. Amazing Grace will disciple women to live in the Truth of God’s Word teaching them about repentance, forgiveness, obedience, love and grace along with equipping them with necessary life skills through the residential program designed for young women ages 18 and older. With the purpose of releasing, women once held captive, back into society with hope and the freedom of Jesus Christ. Our ultimate emphasis is on the glorification and the sovereign, provident, supremacy of God.

What we Believe
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